New Balance Fresh Foam More

Half Marathoners, Marathoners and Ultra Marathoners, there’s a new shoe in town from New Balance and it’s called Fresh Foam More. These shoes have maximum custioning for a smooth ride.

Ultra Padding

The New Balance Fresh Foam More has “More” in its name because there is more cushioning than many of their other shoes. The Fresh Foam More has ultra padding so that every step you take, feels plush.

When you strike down, you almost feel a bounce back in your stride.

New Balance Fresh Foam More has more plush than ever before!

The Fit

The Fresh Foam More is a neutral stability shoe. It has a 4mm drop from heel to toe.

I particularly like the mesh on the top and sides of the shoe. There’s so much breathability in these shoes and perfect for a spring or summer day! (My feet are always hot and these enable them to breathe.)

The toe box is wide, just the way I like it. Fresh Foam More enables my toes to feel less restricted.

The tongue is attached and doesn’t have much padding but the rest of the shoe makes up for that!

The Fresh Foam More is a great road shoe, but, it’s not particularly fast. It’s not a sneaker for sprinting.

Test Run

I received these shoes to review before my race in St. Anthony’s Triathlon. I tried them on, and my feet felt great. I broke them in by walking around.

Here I am at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon wearing the New Balance Fresh Foam More Sneakers.

After breaking my toe in February, then running the trail race in March, not completely healed, I injured my Achilles. Every pair of shoes I tried, hurt me. However, when the Fresh Foam More arrived, I tried them on and they felt good. So, I brought them with me for the race.

Now, I don’t find them to be the most responsive shoe, but they were comfortable. I needed that. It was a hot 90-degree day when I ran 6.2 miles off a 25-mile bike ride. I found the mesh uppers to keep my feet feeling cooler than normal. I wore my Balega socks.

I kept dumping water over my head to keep myself from overheating. The shoes handled the water (and so did my socks), without giving me a blister!

I was concerned that I wouldn’t finish the run portion, but with the Fresh Foam More sneakers, I was able to finish strong!


If you’re looking for a comfortable, plush shoe, then you should consider the New Balance Fresh Foam More. There is a ton of cushioning and lots of support. I found them comfortable and suitable for a long distance.

They came out on April 1st and retail for $159.99.