PROTEIN2O Water Review

PROTEIN2O Water Review

I prefer infused water to plain tap water. I find myself drinking the Vitamin Waters and the Oxygen infused waters all the time. It just tastes good.

Recently, I was sent a few bottles of the PROTEIN2O for review on this blog. These 16.9 fl oz bottles have more protein in them than some protein bars! I sampled the classic lemonade. It has no sugar, 2 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein. And, the good news, it’s low in calories — only 60 calories.

The company suggests that you drink it after a workout for recovery. But, on the website, they suggest using these to replace a protein shake because of the added calories or if you don’t have access to protein to drink one of these.

It contains water, whey protein and natural flavors. There are no preservatives in the bottle. It is gluten free, lactose free and has 30% of the daily value protein.

How’s the taste?

It tastes good. It does have a whey protein taste to it, almost an aftertaste of milky whey. It’s not a bad thing but it is there. You can smell it too when you open the bottle. To me, whey protein has a milky smell to it. The flavor is somewhat like the classic lemonade, but I think the whey protein overrides that flavor.

Since I like the taste of Whey Protein, I liked it. But, if you’ve never tried Whey Protein, you may find it a little standoffish. The product is geared for an athlete and is suitable for a recovery drink.

Protein2O comes in a variety of flavors from Wild Cherry to Peach Mango. They retail for $23.99 for a twelve pack.