New Triathlon Documentary Released – ROAD TO OUTLAW X

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This pandemic has been rough on so many levels. It really hit the running and triathlon community pretty hard.

Since this is a holiday week, why not check out a new documentary to get you psyched for 2021?

This new documentary is about Tim Don, a 4X World Champion, 3X Olympian, 2X Ironman Champion, and World Record holder, called Tim Don Processing – Road to Outlaw X on Endurance Sports TV.

The event starts with Don talking about the Pandemic and how hard it has been that so many races have been canceled, especially for a professional triathlete.

Tim Don Talks About…

He discusses that since the UK had been shut down, there had been very few pools if any open. “I think I swam about five times since the Pandemic started.”

Don added, “At one point I was resenting doing training. We had nothing to focus on – no goal. It felt like studying for an exam that you knew you were never going to take! That’s when I really leaned on people like my coach and friends.”

Race Opened Up

Then there was a race that opened in the UK. “There was a race in France that got canceled the Wednesday before the weekend race,” Don said. He wasn’t sure if one of the races held in the UK would go forward. Thankfully, it did and you got to see Don go through every stage of the race at the Outlaw X race.

Having followed Don through preparation for his first event back, the documentary takes viewers on a journey through the new socially distanced, COVID friendly format of the Outlaw X, from pre-event race to the event itself following Tim through the swim, bike and run, resulting in a solid podium finish.

Racing with Restrictions

“For those who’ve not raced in 2020 since the restrictions came into place, the new documentary takes you through the event with not only an insight into the new format of racing but the chance to experience it alongside Tim Don with his views on the changes,” adds Ross Brackley, endurance sports TV filmmaker behind the documentary. “With Tim’s experience and passion, you get a sense of the hunger for racing to return and what that now looks and feels like in the new world in which we live.”


What I loved about the film is you get to experience the excitement of a triathlon. We haven’t seen a triathlon since last season and it made me realize how much I enjoy the excitement of it.