Triathlon Race Checklist

I’m republishing this checklist because triathlon season is here and I, for one, find it very helpful. I hope you do too! Print out a few copies and check them off for your next race…. Good luck!

Triathlon Gear Check List
Tri Shorts
Tri Top
Sports Bra
Sunscreen (Water Proof)
Watch or Heart Rate Monitor
Energy Gels and/or Sports Drink and/or Electrolyte tabs
Tri Bag, Large backpack or duffle bag – to carry gear to race
Change of clothes + Flip-Fops or comfy shoes for after race
Swim Specific
Body glide
Goggles (Clear and Tinted)
Bike Specific
Cycling Shoes (if Using Clip In Pedals)
Sunglasses (With interchangeable Lenses for different weather)
Cycling Computer with cadence sensor
Cycling Gloves
Water Bottles (2-3) (2 for bike, plus on extra to wash feet after swim)
Spare Bike Inner Tubes (2)
Frame Pump OR CO2 Cartridges (2) and CO2 Inflator
Tire Levels
Under the Saddle Bag
Run Specific
Running Shoes
Hat (or Visor)
Race Number Belt