Zuki Recovery Roller Review

Zuki Recovery Roller Review

Since I started running nearly eight years ago, I’ve tried dozens of foam rollers and stick rollers for muscle recovery. Each one has a different twist to the same idea and yet, they all seem to work great, especially after a long run!

A new product arrived at my doorstep the other day called Zuki. Zuki is a 19″ or 25″ muscle roller stick. You place your hands on either side of the stick and you roll it on parts of your body that are sore and in need of recovery. What it does is it gets deep and releases tension at the trigger point, which flushes toxins from muscles, breaks-up lactic acid, increases blood flow and helps with overall muscle relief.

It also helps improve blood flow and circulation to accelerate injury recovery, increase flexibility, reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, it increases energy flow, allows you to have less stress, greater circulation and oxygen flow, reduce knots and tension, blast away fascia, reduce cellulite, relieve foot stress.

For me, the stick rollers are easier to deal with than the traditional foam roller. I find it difficult to slide back and forth on the floor with the foam roller but Zuki, was easy to handle and although sometimes cumbersome, I was able to get it in places that would have been hard for me to reach with a foam roller.

You can buy Zuki from the website for $19.99 at https://getzuki.com/collections/all