Running the #NYRRMini10K

Running the #NYRRMini10K

I’m either getting too old or getting too lazy to leave my house at 4 am or earlier to get to a race. So, lately, I’ve been booking a hotel room. The night before the NYRR 10K Mini, my daughter and I “pasta’d up” at Becco and then we stayed at the Sheraton Time Square.

It is so nice to wake up a half hour to 45 minutes before a race, roll out of bed, get dressed and walk down the street to the race!

On Saturday morning, the two of us headed to the coral. Zoey, my daughter, was in Coral K and I was in Coral L. We started in Coral K together and when the gun went off, we ran a mile together. It’s funny how our pace is so similar! The only difference, after a mile, I started the Galloway run/walk/run method and she continued to run at an easy pace.

Once we got into the park, I went 30/30 (30 seconds run/30 seconds walk) and from time to time, I went 1:30 or 2 minutes run/30 seconds walk. On the downhills, I ran. On the uphills, I did the 30/30. It felt so much harder than BolderBOULDER. The hills in Central Park are brutal and unforgiving!

With the humidity and the heat, the hills were torturous!

I was surprised that I didn’t see any people I knew except for my friend Rose who is a member of the All Women’s Tri Team. It was great to see her. I heard her voice when I was running. She was talking to someone else. Then, during the walk break, I turned around and saw her. We talked for a couple of seconds and then I continued with the 30/30 or 60/30 or 90/30. (At that point, I was finished with 180/30’s. It was just way too hot!)

At the water stops, I started to dump water on my head to cool down. It helped for the moment but didn’t last too long. By the next mile, I was sweating again.

I had hoped to PR this one, but instead, I came in at about the same pace as last year. My coach, Danielle Sullivan, is such a cheerleader. She said that she thought I did great considering that I did some tough hill climbing on the bike the day before.

I was happy for my daughter. She beat her record by 5 minutes! She was 10 minutes ahead of me… (They always have to wait for their moma’s! haha)

What I love about this race is it’s long history. It celebrates women runners and started in 1972 with just 76 runners. On Saturday, there were 8,400 women racing! It was incredible to be there with such an amazing group of runners, including my daughter!